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True Sanctuary of Praise offers certificate, Associate, and Bachelor programs. We offer three different terms Fall, Spring & Summer. However, there are several opportunities throughout the year to register and begin studies.

Tuition Expenses:





Payment Options:


True Sanctuary of Praise does not accept financial aide as we pride ourselves on providing our students with an affordable learning experience with several payment options programs to ensure that all students are able to attend based on their budget.

Payment Plan Options:


  • Full Payment by Student – 10% off (due on or before the 1st day of class)

  • Pay As You Go - The balance of all costs of the program are equally divided up and collected over the number of courses required to complete the degree program.

  • Monthly Installment Plan – payments will be automatically drafted from a checking account or credit card account that you set up at the time of enrollment. The balance of all costs equally collected over the remaining number of courses required for the degree. Students that elect not to enroll in a full year program and prefer to take individual courses can still do so and pay per course. The cost of each course would be $45 per credit hour.

  • Personalize – We understand that everyone’s circumstances vary. If none of the other plans align with your situation contact us and we can likely create a customized and affordable plan for you!

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